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7 Mobile App Development Tips You Have to Follow

So your team’s launching an app and you’re excited at the prospect of millions downloading your creative and useful content. Market research shows that the average user spends 2 hours and 19 minutes per day accessing mobile apps. The big players like LinkedIn and Google get billions of hits per day. Only one problem – you’re not LinkedIn or Google.

Seven Hacks for Developing Apps

To get ahead in this app-eat-app world, you’ll need the advice of a real geek. Sushrut Padhye writes for Internet Geeks to discuss the seven most important app development hacks you could ever hope to know:

  1. Functionality
  2. Value
  3. Design
  4. User-friendliness
  5. Performance
  6. Uniqueness
  7. Offline capabilities

It may seem obvious that your app has to function. However, plenty of ambitious attempts at designing “the ultimate app” simply outstrip the design team’s ability to code. A geek’s advice – keep programming language in mind next time you design that special platform.

Don’t design an app that nobody needs (there are already enough of those). Make the effort  worth your while by doing the research:

Once you’ve found an under-served audience, you can design with their concerns in mind. Also, don’t worry about the rising cost of app development in your efforts to give more value to the users, because they will be recovered once people start downloading your app.

Additionally, great apps need great designs. It would be a shame to make it so far, only to find out that your user-unfriendly interface is scaring potential customers away from your über-valuable app. Part of that scare factor may also be due to a poorly performing app, so don’t just focus on navigability; look to compress content and avoid too many links. And absolutely, at all costs, design your app to be just as functional offline as it is online.

Finally, your app has to be different from the next widget company’s app. Don’t walk into copycat land without expecting a great big lawsuit to fall, anvil-style, on your company’s proverbial head.

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