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5 Tips for Taking ITSM Outside IT

The time has come. ITSM is moving on. *sob* But as Joe the IT Guy writes in a recent blog post, there’s more reason for IT to celebrate the move than to mourn it. Joe explains the “what” and “why” of this ITSM migration, then offers five tips for helping it to move up and out:

It makes so much sense. Much of what we do from an IT support perspective relates to providing services and service relating to a “customer” issue, a need for something new, a change, or an information need. Most internal service providers – whether it’s HR, finance, legal, facilities, or another business group – also have similar service-based enablement needs, whether it be dealing with issues, requests for services or information, or changes.

Call it “beyond IT,” call it “outside IT,” or call it enterprise service management (ESM) if you wish. Just don’t call it ugly. This is a natural extension of the supply chain, after all. Other corporate service providers need the same technology-delivered capabilities that IT has enjoyed for so long. Can you really blame them for giving up on “case” management via Post-it notes and emails?

Tips for Empty Nesters

Some very general (but widely applicable) tips for selecting the right ITSM tool include:

  1. IT’s not just about IT.
  2. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution.
  3. You’re selling benefits, not features.
  4. ESM is an opportunity for IT.
  5. Plan ahead for ESM.

Remember that ITSM exists to serve the organization, to create an experience of convenience and efficiency within the LOB. By that token, don’t expect HR to understand what “incident” means. One tool will require customization to fit many departmental languages. Furthermore, you’ll need to sell the benefits to that tool, not just its features. Remember that this is not just another enterprise IT project. It could bestow upon your profession a position of innovation and process improvement, and that’s something to get excited about.

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