5 Steps to Writing Better Sales Proposals

Few people genuinely adore reading a proposal, so there are great tips out there for keeping them both shorter and better. Marc Wayshak writes for Salesforce with five quick tips for getting with the program.

I Propose You Hire Us

First, focus on the prospect’s objectives. The proposal should address key problems to solve and outline specific client objectives that shall be achieved. Deliverables will always come second to results, so emphasize the latter over the former. Wayshak also says to keep the thing short; keeping it at one or two pages makes it much more likely to be read in its entirety, and the customer will appreciate that you know how to be concise. Additionally, consider providing three options for solutions instead of just one, because it provides escalating price points to make bigger sales. It also makes you your own competition, dissuading customers from considering options from your real competition. Finally, Wayshak says to add a space to sign at the bottom so that it becomes a contractual agreement; apparently, this increases the likelihood of a deal happening.

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