4 Essential Languages of Business

Ever thought about picking up a new language? Mike Michalowicz provides a fast and succinct breakdown of which ones to put on the short list.

Or Tall-in-Stature List

We begin inevitably with Spanish, because it is relatively easy to learn, 425 million people speak it globally, and over 35 million speak it in the US already. Second is Portuguese, thanks to Brazil becoming a self-sufficient rising power with a big market to tap. Next is Russian, as Russia is rich in natural resources and Moscow features the most billionaires of any country in the world. Then there is Mandarin Chinese, since Bloomberg calls it (behind English) the top language worldwide for business, but if you plan on setting up shop in Hong Kong, Cantonese will be a viable alternative. In the case of Russian and Chinese both, the difficulty of learning them can actually be a good thing, because it means you will face less competition from outsiders. You can read the full article here:

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