12 Essential Tips for Doing Business in India

Rhajiv Khanna has been facilitating American and Indian business relations since the 80s, and now Aimee Groth compiles his insights into 12 tips for Business Insider:


  • Just because people speak English, do not assume customs are all the same—they are not.
  • Business moves at a slower pace in India. Impatience will get you nowhere.
  • No matter how important you are, follow the rules. If you forget your Visa, you are headed home.
  • Delhi is the best place to set up shop, because there is more business done there and better infrastructure.
  • Nonetheless, you still are going to end up traveling around the country a lot to keep competitive.
  • The business begins and ends late.
  • Prepare for last-minute schedule changes, especially if you do not adhere to the late-start timing.
  • American English and Indian English carry different connotations with their phrases.
  • Always consider the religious holiday calendar when planning business.
  • Address people by their last names unless otherwise told.
  • You usually do not handshake a woman.
  • How you handshake in general is not really a big deal.

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