10 Types of Boss Not to Become

You know there are plenty of great bosses out there. Unfortunately, there are just as many bad ones (some kind of Star Wars-esque light side versus dark side dynamic must be taking place). And if you are going to become one (or are considering a position), let us all warn you of the consequences of joining the “dark side.” In an article for CRN, Charles Trivett takes a humorous approach to identifying the ten most horrible bosses.

10 Awful Bosses

10. The Lost Lamb
9. The Grump
8. The “David Brent” BFF

7. The Over Achiever
6. The “Gee Whiz” Innovator
5. The Complainer
4. The Climber

3. The Micro-Manager
2. The Politician
1. The Monster

Level 1 – Annoying Bosses

If you feel as if you have no clue why you are in a position of leadership you may be a Lost Lamb. Or perhaps you come to work every day feeling as if life is one giant garbage heap and everything around you stinks. In that case you would qualify as a Grump. Maybe you’re a jolly enough spirit. Everyone just needs to lighten up and have a little fun. But don’t complain if no one takes you seriously. Just watch David Brent in one episode of the original British The Office TV show and you’ll immediately get the point.

Level 2 – Intractable Bosses

Intractable bosses hold a bit more power than the simply “annoying bosses.” If you are a go-go-go kind of person, you might turn into a go-go-go kind of boss. It’s important, however, to acknowledge that although you may not value a life outside of work, your employees surely will. And sometimes motivational energy takes the form of, well, sometimes it has no direction. If you’re always changing course pitching new ideas without ever reaching closure, you’ve become a “Gee Whiz” innovator.

A Complainer is similar to a Grump. Yet, while they don’t necessarily hate the world and everyone in it, they certainly blame the world for all of their problems, including the ones they created for themselves. A Climber won’t bother complaining about their problems because they don’t plan on sticking around long enough to know what your name is.

Level 3 – Horrible Bosses

Yet despite all the annoying and intractable bosses out there, nothing can top the truly horrible Micro-Manager, Politician, or Monster bosses. The Micro-Manager is timing your bathroom breaks, breathing (literally) down your neck while you work, and they are “just checking in” on progress no less than every twelve minutes. The Politician is making promises they never keep…come to think of it, weren’t you suppose to get a bonus last week for that extra bit of work? And lastly, though they are somewhat a figment of the past, the Monster boss is that demeaning, intimidating, asocial piece of madness and fear that you have always dreaded. Never become one!

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