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10 Things Successful Project Managers Never Tolerate

The project manager sets the tone for the project. What you allow (and don’t allow) will define the project culture, and thereby the course of the project. In his PM South blog, Harry Hall warns against being a pushover in your role as a leader. Here are 10 things to never allow in yourself or in others.

Ten Trespasses

  1. Poor communication
  2. Ineffective risk management
  3. Slackers
  4. Failing to “own the gap”
  5. Poorly run meetings
  6. Divisive individuals
  7. Mediocrity
  8. Disrespect
  9. Exclusion from decisions
  10. Getting burnt out

The failure of communication lies in thinking it has actually happened. Ensure that you’re always fostering an environment where ideas can be exchanged free of reprisal. Ignoring risk is not an option. A team and its leader must actively and honestly search for threats without becoming “risk averse.” Maintaining proper risk culture is crucial. For instance, if one team member is slacking and does not improve after due support and coaching, it’s your unfortunate duty to remove them. Failing that, team members will start to think that you’re the “bad apple” of the bunch. They’ll be right!

When (not if) employees finds themselves with a sizable “gap” between expectations and what they actually achieve, encourage them to own it. Be patient, and help them find solutions. Speaking of seeking solutions, that should be the whole point of why you have meetings. Do what is necessary before, during, and after meetings to ensure that they are always productive.  Pertaining to the sixth item, a “diverse” team may bring a great range of talent and experience to the table. But at the end of the day, the only diversity an effective team needs comes from the various ways in which they become unified. Regardless of what type of skills you have, you don’t need to be a perfectionist to realize the benefits of effort and excellence. When faced with the choice of bare minimum or overdrive, choose the latter.

Projects breed stress breeds bad behavior. A word spoken under duress could cascade into a confrontational situation or a damaged relationship. Be sure to address such matters up front. One such source of stress could be when people try to take project shortcuts. These shortcuts occur when folks are in a rush and fail to clue stakeholders in on the necessary decisions. This will backfire if it is tolerated. Lastly, don’t allow your team members to burn out. If your team is looking weary, give them a break!

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