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10 Short & Pithy IT Security Tips for Users

It is one of the great paradoxes of life that trying to communicate too much information leaves the recipient with virtually no real knowledge. That’s what IT security expert Dominic Vogel believes in an article for TechRepublic. Information about IT security is important, so let’s give the people what they need – no more and no less.

10 Security Tips for Users

Without further ado (and in little bite-sized digestible chunks) we present the most important security commandments anyone could ever hope to know about IT use.

  1. Never give an IT department your login credentials.
  2. Avoid sending or receiving personal information over a public Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Report theft of any digital device to your IT department A.S.A.P.
  4. Roll a mouse pointer over a link to reveal its actual destination, which is displayed in the bottom left corner of most browsers (in Microsoft Outlook it is above the link itself).
  5. Every link you click online should follow a hesitant “Should I click this link?” pause.
  6. Resist the urge to use one password for multiple websites!
  7. Feel no shame in the IT security game. Report any security incident should one occur.
  8. Hate coming up with new passwords? Try using exciting and memorable phrases or lyrics from songs (with numbers).
  9. Like unclaimed baggage at the airport, your unattended tablet / smartphone / laptop is a definite security risk.
  10. One should be especially cautious about unidentified links or sources. Treat them like leftover meat – when in doubt, throw it out!

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