Top 10 Ways to Take Your Use It or Lose It Vacation Days

Nobody wants to lose their vacation days. An article at VacationCounts lists off all the ways you can get strategic about using up your paid time away.

A Vacation Today Keeps Insanity Away

Here are the ten ways, in utterly non sequitur fashion: Set yourself a reminder around Thanksgiving time to ensure you are putting in to use up whatever vacation days you have left at the end of the year. Start the new year by allocating every vacation day in advance and getting it approved. Frontload 60 percent of your vacation days early in the calendar year to ensure they get used. Take one giant vacation, using most or all of your days at once, after getting approval of course. Take off for your birthday. Plug in an extra day off with every three-day weekend to make a bunch of four-day weekends. Book your flights early. Take a bunch of half-day Fridays and let it add up to used vacation days. Say no to work on vacation. And gosh darn it, remind yourself that you earned your vacation. You can read the full article here:

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