Staying Energized No Matter What: 9 Things You Can Do Every Day

Erika Andersen writes for Forbes with a more holistic approach to keeping fueled up for the day ahead. For instance, her first tip is just to be kind to your body by eating a healthy meal and going to bed at an appropriate time. Likewise, you should practice “good mental hygiene” by staying a positive thinker and limiting your complaining. When the pressure is on, give yourself a time out, or take a few minutes just for some pleasure. Go ahead and flip the off-switch on your brain just for a moment. Surround yourself with the people who make your life easier instead of harder, and remember that helping other people out can sometimes make you feel better about yourself. Lastly, be grateful for the good things, because gratitude can be good for your health by reducing stress. You can read Andersen’s flowery article here:

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