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How to Start a Business with $100 in the Bank

Entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau has been to nearly even country in the world, meeting creative, successful people everywhere he goes. Dan Schawbel interviews Guillebeau for Forbes about how it is possible to start a business at hardly any cost at all. Guillebeau takes the sum of his experiences and turns into four fast tips.

Starting on the Cheap

First, turn your general idea into a specific idea. Decide what exactly the product/service is, who is going to buy it, and how you will be paid. Next, get the business started in less than 30 days, setting up a PayPal account and getting a free website going through perhaps WordPress. Then spread the word in a non-annoying way to everyone you know, seeking to generate interest and also assistance. Lastly, once you start receiving feedback, commit to continuous improvement. Even when done on the smallest scale, it ensures your business will stay proactive about its success. You can read the full article here:

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