CIOs Discuss How They Convey IT Value to the Business

The common refrain of articles about IT is that IT needs to convey value to the business. Okay, how do you do that? Dan Muse poses that question to three CIOs in a quick article at Perhaps their insights can help other IT departments make the best case for how they are improving life for the business.

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David Chou, CIO of the University of Mississippi Medical Center, offers three steps for the most effective communication. First, ensure that all IT initiatives relate back to business strategy. Second, avoid all the tech lingo. And third, enact a cultural change in which all IT projects are thought of as business projects.

The next CIO is Steve Snyder, at the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority. He too (like everyone else on Earth) says to get rid of the jargon. But beyond that, he also recommends trying to make IT’s value conveyance appear less self-serving by allowing someone else to be the hero. This can occur along the lines of, “The CFO and his team made a great decision partnering with IT to deliver this huge project success.” Honestly, I think it might be a little weak-minded to let someone else be the hero exactly, but I agree with the sentiment that success should be shared.

Finally, there is Bob Lim, CIO at the University of Kansas, who uses a show and tell approach to IT value:

We show our customers through our understanding of their business environment and by demonstrating through everyday actions and decisions that we are a trusted business partner focused on enabling and accelerating their success. The key performance indicators we regularly tell our customers communicate the tangible value we provide through cost savings and other metrics. Because we are experts in managing complex systems and processes, we can provide extended value to customers beyond technology.

Three CIOs, three approaches to letting everyone know how awesome the IT department is. You can read the original article here:

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