A New Book on End-to-End Supply Chain Risk Management

End-to-end is the ideal to which all professionals strive in supply chains. An article at Supply Chain Brain highlights a new book by Greg Schlegel, adjunct professor at Lehigh University, about how to achieve it. Schlegel identifies four spheres of supply chain risk: the supply base, demand base, processes, and environmental landscape. The book is the result of five years of research and one year of writing, and it attempts to measure magnitude and attach an order to the factors that cause disruptions. Schlegel hopes to help drive the push of turning supply chain risk management from a concept and into a discipline. To hear more about the book, you can view the article here: http://www.supplychainbrain.com/content/single-article-page/article/a-new-book-on-end-to-end-supply-chain-risk-management-1/

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