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8 Skills No IT Project Manager Should Lack

The economy continues to rebound. New job openings arise every day. Whether you’ve polished off that old resume, or would like to retool for a current position, the skills of a project manager have never been in higher demand. Sharon Florentine shares eight tips to impress IT employers in an article for

8 Great PM Traits

  1. Conflict Management
  2. Technical Savvy
  3. Business Orientation
  4. Effective Communication
  5. Management Finesse
  6. Risk Analysis
  7. Tech Language Proficiency
  8. Global Experience

As a project manager, you’re the arbiter of resource allocation, which means that you must also manage conflicts that arise from scare or unevenly distributed project resources. If you think technical know-how is limited to applications or programming, you’re not quite thinking like a manager. Familiarity with the iterative and customer-oriented Agile methodology is a must. And speaking of agility, you’ll be required as a PM (more so than ever) to follow the business’s moves “lock and step,” as markets change and new technologies come to the fore.

The phrase “communication skills” may be overused to the point of irrelevance, but to truly possess good communication is a major asset, especially if it applies to a diverse set of stakeholders. You don’t have to major in psychology to be a project manager, but some understanding of human motivation is crucial to managing a high performing project team too.

And who said the ability to assess risk was limited to actuaries? PMs need to look hard at risk factors when allocated resources and time to each project. You don’t have to be proficient in the common programming languages, but the extent of your familiarity with technical languages directly determines your chances of successfully managing the developers who use them. Lastly, for the global era, companies need project managers with global breadth of experience. That means PMs with experience managing off shore teams.

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