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7 Tips for Starting Your Own Business

Tory Johnson provides some basic but surprisingly useful tips on how to start a business in an article for ABC News. The first is to get clear on your motivations for starting a business; wanting to take control of your own fate is a popular one. Determine your business type, not referring to things like LLC but rather what sort of model you will follow (cupcake business, cleaning service, etc.) and how you will put a twist on it. Create a one-page business plan that hammers out just the essentials, and then pin down your target customer down to gender, age, and/or profession. Try to make the best estimates about your pricing and revise monthly. You need to keep overhead as low as possible in the beginning, so get creative about cutting costs. After all that, you just need to get out there and convert marketing into sales. For the full story, you can read Johnson’s article here:

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