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7 Project Management Trends for 2015 That Have Already Happened

As one year ends and another begins, the analysts are so eager to make predictions about what’s to come. A lot of it ends up being hot air, but maybe not this time. David Cotgreave writes in an article for BCW that seven project management trends predicted for this year have already come true.

Seven Sensational PM Trends

  1. PMs in Higher Demand
  2. Power to the PM
  3. PMs becoming Change Managers
  4. IT Happens Faster
  5. PMs Lack Training
  6. Project Management is Getting “SaaS-ed”
  7. Moving into the Cloud

The first two months of 2015 have already seen a demand increase for PMs due to changes in technology, regulations, and industry confidence. Current PMs are shouldering more complex projects and as a result, missing key targets.

More project management offices (PMOs) are being incorporated into business strategy, a welcome change. As Cotgreave puts it: Imagine your project is a house.The traditional role of the PMO in this analogy has been a cross between buyer and builder but a PM actually brings skills similar to an architect to your project. Who wouldn’t have the architect in on the meeting that draws up the blue prints?

A similar trend is taking shape with change management, as PMs, who are traditionally the drivers of project change, are also ideal candidates to manage that change. ‘Adaptability’ appears to be the name of the game this year, since faster technologies (think fingerprint apps for banking) are speeding up customer response times, hence driving businesses to demand more from IT. But unfortunately, a lot of opportunity to invest in continual PM training is being squandered. The result is a “blunter” knife that’s being asked to do more cutting. Quality and efficiency demand otherwise.

Furthermore, project management is getting thoroughly “SaaS-ed” as a result of the five trends discussed thus far. A freelance PM tends to take care of their own continual improvement, which may be noted as perk for resource-conscious businesses. Lastly, the ever ubiquitous cloud continues to expand, taking with it the expectations of business owners – a fact that has many PMs trying to match incompatible cloud-based solutions with business needs.

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