6 Ways to Get a Tech Job without a Tech Background

The tech sphere is one of those rare spaces where you do not need a sheet of paper with a stamp on it to prove you know your stuff. Aaron Shapiro provides six tips for getting a tech job without a tech degree at Mashable.

Step 1: Build a Job-Giving Machine

Okay, the actual first step is to understand how the web works. Build a foundation in coding, starting with HTML and maybe JavaScript. If you do not have any digital experience, build some with your current, likely non-tech employer, by offering to help build the company’s web presence. This will give you a success story to bring into an interview. When deciding where to interview, go after tech startups that are aiming to disrupt whatever industry in which you are currently involved. But if the job possibilities are just not there yet, dare to innovate within your current company, devising fresh digital strategies for marketing. Remember that you may need to take a salary cut and a lower position to get your foot in the door at your first digital job. Wherever you are though, it is within your power to become a thought leader in whatever area of technology most interests you. Explore. You can read the original article here:

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