6 Challenges that Could Break the Supply Chain

Brace yourself. Here come six new challenges to test the endurance of supply chain, courtesy of Craig Stephens at Supply Chain Digital. There is the “march of consumerism” challenge, which is how we leverage the massive growth and maturing of online shopping. There is the challenge of knowing where all materials are sourced, for reasons of sustainability and ethics. There is a big data challenge, of being able to pair large datasets with sharp human intuition. There is the challenge of when to employ an app, in that, while massively useful when successful, an app that is not really ready for use is going to cause havoc in the supply chain. There is the supply chain inequality challenge, referring to having to balance time between suppliers and customers. And lastly, there is the challenge of having to work with the risk-averse attitudes that still prevail in the aftermath of the last economic downturn. You can read the full article here: http://www.supplychaindigital.com/procurement/3863/Six-challenges-that-could-break-the-supply-chain

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