5 Takeaways for CIOs from the Mobile World Congress

The 2015 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain revealed to CIOs five fascinating trends. In an IT World article, Mikael Ricknäs takes a specific focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) and how the enterprise can make its resources available through smartphones without sacrificing security.

1: IoT in the Business

In the ultimate technological marriage, software vendors are partnering up with vendors of connected sensors. It’s a match made in IoT heaven, and its bringing with it the advantage of better integration in terms of deploying and managing IoT.

2: Android is Enterprise

Ready Google is on the publicity frontlines, spreading the message of its “Android for Work,” a device that’s designed to separate business apps from personal apps. Clearly, Google wants to prove that its OS is safe for the enterprise.

3: Wearables

Ricknäs points to the fact that enterprise mobility management vendor Good Technology is supporting Android Wear, meaning a smartwatch with the appropriate OS can unlick smartphone applications. This move represents yet another small step toward a major breakthrough in the market for wearables.

4: Super-Security to Save the Day

Encryption seems to be the word of the year, with several companies including the Swiss company Silent Circle offering more secure mobile technology. Security for components such as voice, text, and data traffic will be available for Samsung Knox in the coming months.

5: Affordable Business Smartphones are Here

One last trend makes Ricknäs do a double take: Android-based mid-range smartphones that are priced at $300 / unit for the enterprise. With a standard octa-core processor, 5-inch screens, and LTE, the CIO would have to come up with a good excuse not to adopt these for their IT outfit.

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