5 Secrets to Capturing Top Tech Talent

IT talent can smell a good company from a mile away. Unfortunately, tech giants like Google and Facebook have a lot more firepower to circulate their company’s message to attract that talent. So how can you, the small or mid-sized firm, compete with these superpowers when it comes to hiring and retaining the best? Minda Zetlin offers the insights of CTO and Sonian founder Greg Arnette in an article for The Enterprise Project.

Five Tricks of the Talent Trade

  1. The Distributed Workforce
  2. Long Distance Tools
  3. Hire the Innovation Hungry
  4. Develop your Team
  5. Leave the Office!

Zetlin says that the single best way to differentiate one’s company from the big guys is to support a distributed workforce. That means not relying on the well-known “talent clusters” of New York, Boston, and Silicon Valley. There are plenty of great engineers from places like Denver, Seattle, and Syracuse that would jump at the chance to work in a competitive and rewarding environment.

Once you’ve got your distributed talent, you need to give them only the best technology to enable maximum remote communication and collaboration. A distributed and well-connected team has many advantages according to Zetlin:

“…Team members are able to work in whichever physical environment they are the most productive. They are not forced to trek to work on a daily basis and work in a cube farm.”

A third secret: when it comes to technology people, most are attracted not just to competitive pay, but to cutting-edge technology. Having a chance to work with something state-of-the-art will almost always outshine that cushy job at a “big n’ boring” business for this particular brand of talent. Once you’ve got them, the challenge is to keep them. In a VUCA business climate (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) both employees and companies can benefit from continual education and professional development. Get them to training seminars and conferences – whatever it takes to keep them ahead of the curve.

Finally, there’s no better way to find top talent from your local pool than to leave the physical office building (as opposed to leaving it virtually) and to meet people in the community at various networking events.

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