12 Non-Caffeinated Ways to Wake Up at Work

You need to be awake, but a major caffeine addiction mostly fast tracks your way to the grave. Kevin Daum writes for Inc. with all the ways you can keep your pep without crashing.

Zip Zip Zoom

Fifteen minutes outside will charge your batteries a little, regardless of weather. A bit of exercise at work can help too, even if it is just a few laps up and down the stairs. Daum recommends vigorous dancing too, but, uh, I am going to recommend against it. To work your mind instead, break out a crossword puzzle or Sudoku. For something more visceral, splash some ice-cold water on yourself (or just drink it instead). You can eat a snack of protein and fruit to get some pep without risk of grogginess. A couple stranger cheats for getting energy include keeping some scented oil at your desk to stimulate the senses, or watching a trailer for an action or horror movie to get you wired. A quick online shopping spree might perk you up too, but that is probably an impractical long-run strategy. Another good option though is to take a few minutes to trade banter with a colleague, because laughter releases endorphins that will keep up and running. Lastly, Daum recommends calling your mom. For some reason, talking to your mother will force you to tap into a vast reserve of energy. You can read the full article here:

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