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10 Unorthodox Skills that Give IT Job Seekers the Edge

Certification is a great way to get ahead of the pack in IT job seeking, but the problem is a lot of people have had that idea. In actuality, you might only put yourself about 70 percent ahead of the pack. To whoop whoever is left, Mary Shacklett writes for TechRepublic with ten other sorts of skills that might empower your IT career:

  1. Librarian expertise
  2. Musical talent
  3. Strong written and oral skills
  4. Creative problem-solving
  5. Foreign language skills
  6. Mainframe skills
  7. Skills in voice-based applications
  8. A can-do attitude
  9. Negotiation skills
  10. Coolness under pressure

Skills of the Bizarre

Alright, so maybe not all of them are so strange, but I bet you never suspected the librarian was your arch rival for your next gig. Librarians actually demonstrate a terrific ability to aggregate data and derive unique insights, which is very useful for anyone dealing with big data. Oddly enough, a correlation between musical aptitude and software programming has been found before too, making it a good thing if a candidate says he or she is a musician. The IT workers who have flirted with English studies and communications studies in school will also have an extra edge, because they are better equipped to explain the value of their work in basic terms. And while we are at it, knowing an extra language can be of value too, since so many businesses have gone global with their operations.

About ye olde mainframe skills, Shacklett writes:

… more than 60% of the world’s enterprise transactions are being processed on mainframes. For speed and reliability, mainframes remain “best in class.” Large enterprises and universities around the world realize this and concern is growing over the so-called “mainframe brain drain.” With many baby boomers thinking about retiring, a growing number of colleges and universities worldwide now teach mainframe technology in their IT curricula. Many report that the job placement of graduates from their mainframe programs is close to 100%.

Rounding out the skills you might not have considered are the ones in voice-based applications. Voice apps are on the rise, and people who understand the intricacies of such design will be much appreciated. The rest of the skills that Shacklett lists are mostly basic soft skills that everyone should aspire to develop, regardless of career path. No one has ever heard of a business that is sick of people with a can-do attitude, after all. You can read the original article here:

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