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Want a Successful Business? Get Gaming

The world is a game and all things show it. I thought so once but now I know it – is not the official slogan of the business world, but it could be soon. Gamification is fast becoming one of the primary mechanisms for work-related activity according to CNN’s Charlotte Lytton.


Even billionaire Bill Gates is known for comparing business to a game, though the analogy won’t be necessary if organizational changes keep pace. As it stands, the global gaming business is worth $100 billion, with companies like HackerRank programming challenges to engage prospective employees for staffing agencies.

Prove that you’re a Jedi!

Companies are looking for ‘diamonds in the rough,’ and they’re vetting candidates’ skills to weed out those embellished CVs and resumes that often belie who has talent and who’s just showing off. Additionally, schools are currently experimenting with games like Minecraft, in the hope of fostering constructive, creative, and performance-based learning.

Reaching New Levels

Some are a bit skeptical about the gamification trend, claiming it will go too far, with point systems for children who brush their teeth or playing their musical instrument. Yet, for now at least, the trend continues unabated. One study even found that up to 52% of gamers are now female, showing the potential for demographic limits to be breached.

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