Using Your ‘Dark Moments’ to Inspire Creative Thinking

Nobody really enjoys being afraid for a lengthy amount of time, but fear can be useful for inspiring creative thinking. Lydia Dishman writes for Fast Company about how the dark moments can beget sunnier days.


When Gina Bianchini started her company Mightybell, which connects like-minded people in business and at large to collaborate with each other, she was worried by lingering thoughts like, “Do people really need another social network?” In these situations, all she could do was ask herself if her business was pushing the world forward and providing a necessary service. Being able to say yes to these questions allowed her to overcome frustrations. Likewise, Bianchini starts her day by writing down her most pressing problem and then making a long list of potential solutions. When you tackle your fears head on, you still might get some scrapes, but not as many as if you had just balled up in a corner waiting to get hit. You can read the full article here:

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