Top 5 Most Commonly Misunderstood Interview Tips

There is good advice, bad advice, and good advice that you have misinterpreted into becoming bad advice. Jacelyn Thomas clarifies five interview tips that send people in the wrong direction.

Setting the Record Straight

“Ask lots of questions to show your interest for the job.”: Well, the interviewer hopefully already knows you are interested, so avoid filler questions and only ask things that really matter to you. Ideally, your interest will shine through via these meaningful questions.

“Appear highly informed about the company’s business.”: If you go into the interview without doing any research, you will come across a little dopey. If you try to wedge in every detail about the company you have read, then you look like a desperate know-it-all. Just slip in your knowledge of the company at natural intervals.

“Inject humor into the interview.”: Are you being interviewed by a stony-eyed old dude? Does he gasp at short-sleeve shirts? Then keep the humor to a minimum. Display your personality, but match the decorum of your interviewer.

“Don’t badmouth your previous employer.”: There is no need to pretend that problems are non-existent with an employer. If you have constructive criticisms and can convey them in a way that is not hostile, go for it. Especially do this if it taught you the value of why a given skill is important.

“Don’t ask about your potential salary and benefits.”: It is no secret that people work for money. It is okay to ask some general questions about this topic as the interview is winding down, or sooner, if the interviewer broaches the topic.

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