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Tips for Success as a Project Leader

Have you thought about really making an impact for your company? Beyond the everyday and the ordinary, there are things PMs can do to crank their efforts up a notch. In her blog Project Management Insight, Karen Munro conveys some tips for success laid out by Cindy Hook of Deloitte Australia.


A team is more than just a series of interlocking parts in a social machine that churns out results. A team, according to Hook, shares a common vision and understands cohesively their common goal while acknowledging their individual roles. To have this kind of team, the PM must create a sense of equity and keep communication channels open.

Facing Challenges

When challenges arise, they make an impact by facing them head on. Though other PMs might feign adversity, the PM must stay positive and work with the team to overcome hurdles. The skills of individual employees might not count for much, but with their powers combined, the team skill set is a powerful tool.

Diversity and Depth

That being said, it’s important to build a team with a diversity and depth of skills. Munro has this question for the PM to answer:

How many times have you, as the PM, asked team members what their actual skills and background is, in order to fully understand the depth of knowledge and understand that you have at your disposal?

Project Family

When you combine the various attributes of successful project leadership together, you get something that looks a bit like a family. The project kicks off with a welcome session for team members. You all share your background, skills, and expertise, as well as strengths and weaknesses. The project objectives are laid out for all to grasp, and if challenges arise during the course of the project, each member feels obligated to lend their unique strengths to overcoming it.

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