The Reclassification of the CIO

It’s one of the ironies of the modern business world: as companies become more technology-focused, technology outfits are forced to become more business-focused. This inversion is replicated inside the role of the CIO who, as a liaison between IT and the business, must now bring more IT to the business whilst bringing more business to the IT. Emily Poe writing for Fierce CIO interviews IT firm CEO Anthony Curlo to set the record straight on the CIO’s new role change.

Labels Change but Change is Consistent

When we read or hear things like “The CIO is disappearing,” we shouldn’t become alarmed. After all, a title is just a title. Whether it remains CIO, or changes into business information officer (BIO) is simply a matter of convention. The real transformation has already been underway for some time and will continue, regardless of what we choose to call it. It’s happening at the level of recruiting, says Curlo, where hiring requirements have become more focused on business and interpersonal / communication skills.

Another chain reaction is being set off in terms of value, since that which is seen as moving a company forward transforms from a cost center to a value center. With a strengthening economy this trend will only accelerate, putting soft skills like leadership, critical thinking, and self-presentation at the fore of what it means to be a CIO.

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