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Six KPIs Every Service Desk Manager Must Know

Sometimes, it seems like you have to be Inspector Gadget to run an IT service desk. You never know what handy techniques and actions might be needed to handle all the sets of metrics and data that stream in each day. But as Stuart Facey writes for Service Desk 360, a solid set of KPIs will ensure that those Go-Go service desk efforts don’t get bungled. Wowsers!

Go-Go Key Progress Indicators!

  1. Know your customer satisfaction score.
  2. Think about your service level.
  3. Look at yesterday’s issues to spot trends.
  4. Review support sessions to better understand your customer’s needs.
  5. Walk the floor.
  6. Know where your team has quality and where it can improve.

For every customer satisfaction score, there is a KPI. List data by business, manager, or process to get the most accurate picture of your customer’s satisfaction, noting which areas are in need of improvement. Next, you’ll need to clearly define your ideal service level. From this baseline, you can judge any deviation in customer satisfaction. The KPIs here are abandon rates, average hold times, and adherence.

To review patterns in a previous day’s issue logs, you’ll want to look for changes in the types of calls received and how well agents are handling them, as well as overall closing success. Listening to the first calls of the day will give you some fresh insight on customers’ needs. What are the most common issues and what are the most common means that agents are using to address them?

Another Go-Go Gadget action is to walk the floor, giving you a sense of team morale and the qualitative state of support. The KPI is your team’s input and the techniques that make members most successful. Lastly, your overall assessment should pinpoint the level at which the team is succeeding, and which aspects need improvement. The KPI in this case is a two-part quality score split between business impact and customer impact.

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