Planning for an Unpredictable Environment in Supply Chain

Between last year and this year, snow has challenged our ability to even get to work during the winter, let alone run a smoothly operating supply chain. Kate Pavao writes an article for Forbes about how supply chain leaders can build in the resilience necessary to survive these wild conditions.

Blizzard Today, Sunshine Tomorrow

Weather is not even the only thing we are failing to predict. Fluctuating commodity prices, environmental regulations, and customer demand for transparency are also smashing our conception of ‘business as usual.’ In order to answer for this, supply chain leaders must embrace “the Big Pivot,” which means doing away with the illusion that the business is all-powerful and that the environment is a mere niche concern. Instead, we need to acknowledge that the environment is all-powerful and share the burden of responsible and reliable supply chain management. Radical new forms of collaboration will be how this takes shape. For a deeper discussion on what this collaboration will look like, you can read the full article here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/oracle/2015/02/11/what-supply-chain-leaders-need-to-know-about-planning-in-an-unpredictable-environment/

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