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Ooops, I Forgot a Key Stakeholder!

It was a forgivable mistake, but one that might have affected the outcome of the project. Fortunately, Sharon HoSang was on her toes and did the right thing in the end. Could you be trusted to do the same? As a business analyst working on a debt management project, HoSang forgot to add the communication manager to a list of project stakeholders before sending out standard letters to customers who were in arrears. One can learn much from how she addressed the misstep, and how it opened up a new awareness of project risk management.

Catastrophe Avoided

By informing the project approval committee of her faux pas, HoSang was able to circumvent the expensive mistake of sending out wrongly worded letters to hundreds of customers. The letters were forestalled long enough for her to meet with the communication manager to apologize and to correct any mistakes, of which there were a few.

Lesson Learned

In the future, HoSang has vowed to gather the appropriate resources for further work as a business analyst. Such resources include: a project charter that allows the project manager to assist in identifying stakeholders, templates or stakeholder registers that retain lessons from former projects, procurement documents for outsider projects, and a set of standard organizational or industry-wide procedures.

Meeting of the Stakeholders

HoSang recommends meeting with a cross-section of business areas and departments that might have an interest in one’s particular project. A (short) list of potential candidates includes:

  • High Level Managers
  • Sponsors
  • Customers
  • Users
  • Project Managers
  • Product Champions
  • Line Managers
  • Business Process Owners
  • Subject matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Service Managers
  • Business Architects
  • Solution Providers
  • Testers
  • Maintenance Programmers

Building Relationships

In all, what HoSang’s ordeal amounts to is an exercise in relationship building. The business analyst acts as a facilitator, consensus builder, and negotiator who must manage stakeholders and their solutions by building close ties to key collaborators, making concerns available to interested parties, identifying oppositions to a particular solution, and gaining support for the project or solution on an as-needed basis.

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