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No Collaboration Means Project Chaos

There’s nothing like a bit of chaos to put any project into a funk. According to Karen Munro, lack of collaboration will stretch any project effort to the brink of collapse. In a blog for Project Management Insight, Munro details five things that will help you avoid project risk.

5 Things that Make Chaos

  1. Lack of Communication
  2. Cross Purposed Team Members
  3. Not Tracking or Monitoring Issues
  4. Forgetting Risks
  5. No Stream Leads

Communication is always going to be important. Without communicating decisions, chaos ensues. Individuals who are not in the habit of exchanging ideas or seeking help for problems will construct workarounds that will only prop up the project for so long. This is not positive for the business. Likewise, trying to tackle multiple tasks simultaneously will lead to chaos. Requirements, project scope, timelines, delivery capability, and cost are all affected when team members are cross purposed.

Staying on top of issues is perhaps one of the single most important things you can do to avoid project risk. Some issues are not worth the effort, but knowing the difference is sometimes difficult. That’s why it is important to manage issues thoroughly. We are also prone to ignoring potential risks. Some risks impact the entire organization. Which risk will it be? It’s hard to say unless your team is in the habit of actively tracking risks. Here, stream leads are especially important. The patch work area must be operating efficiently to monitor resource allocation, delivery outcomes, or general issues. Missing project pieces, inflated budgets, and overrun timelines may ensue.

Read the original post at: https://www.projectmanagementinsight.com/2014/01/no-collaboration-equals-project-chaos/

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