Lean Vs. EOQ: Which Best Suits You?

Lean and economic order quantity (EOQ) are both sensible options, yet they also manage to contradict each other. Which one is best for you? Andrew Dunbar tries to answer that in a post for The 21st Century Supply Chain. EOQ tries to optimize lot size by striking a balance between manufacturing cost and things such as capacity utilization. Lean meanwhile will just try to minimize the lot size, and a lot of other things. A really good scheduler will be able to use ERP software and customize its findings to fit a lean or EOQ framework equally well. Dunbar believes lean is the best solution for several industries, but not many companies are actually ready to make such a transition. In order to learn what he believes are the steps to easing the transition to lean, if that is in fact the right solution for you, you can read his full post here: http://blog.kinaxis.com/2015/02/lean-versus-eoq-whats-best-for-your-organization/

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