Inspiring the Ideas Team

Mark Batey delineates the difference between creativity and innovation for The Telegraph. Creativity is the capacity to solve problems and exploit opportunities. Innovation is how creativity begets a new product or service. A great leader facilitates employees being able to work creatively. In fact, a great leader need not even be extremely creative him or herself. Businessman Theo Paphitis from the BBC’s Dragons’ Den (the British equivalent of ABC’s Shark Tank) does not even consider himself creative, but he knows which creative ideas from his colleagues are the best to pursue.

One approach to building the most creativity-ready, innovation-prone team is recruiting highly creative people from in and outside of the organization, though that might be easier said than done, since conventional testing does a bad job of measuring for it. The second option is to just train the people you have to think more creatively, which can also be a challenge, because you then you have to account for the distinct ways in which individuals think creatively. To get the whole story, you can read the original article here:

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