How to Ace an Interview: 5 Tips from a Harvard Career Advisor

In a YouTube video, career services advisor Linda Spencer runs through five basic tips for making the best of a job interview. The first is to do your research: identify your relevant qualifications, understand the position, and research the employer and its industry. Second, practice your responses to basic questions, and prepare a few relevant “show and tell” stories that demonstrate how you solve problems. Third, make a good first impression, which means being 10 minutes early, having a positive attitude, and also having a hearty handshake.

Fourth, be prepared for different kinds of interviews. There are three basic types: behavioral (“tell me about a time when…”), technical (case studies, solving algorithms, etc.), and Phone/Skype. For the phone interviews, try to use a landline or at least a very charged phone, and pace your speaking. On Skype, dress well, look at your camera, and make sure your background is not distracting or off-putting. Finally, establish the next steps for after the interview, if the interviewer does not do this, and make a closing statement expressing your interest and why you are a good fit. Then send a thank you email that reiterates your interest and qualifications. You can view the video here:

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