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App Outages Pose Costly Challenges for CIOs

What’s worse than a citywide blackout or even a planned brownout? How about an app-out? That’s what’s been plaguing organizations all over the world, according to a recent survey by Veeam Software. In a CIO Insight slideshow by Dennis McCafferty, the monthly and unplanned nature of company-wide app failure is draining millions of dollars from IT revenue each year, and CIOs are thus far at a loss to thwart it. The first step is to understand root causes.

IT is dropping the App Ball

For starters, 82% of CIOs say they aren’t always able to meet business needs on an immediate basis, so it’s not surprising that nine out of ten organizations have laid out requirements for minimizing app downtime. Still, in its current state IT is on average unable to recover mission-critical apps in less than 2.86 hours, 8.45 for non-critical apps. The average cost of app downtime across the industry? Brace yourself: $82,864 for mission-critical apps and $44,886 for non-mission-critical apps. Some basic causes are evident. The need for real-time interactions involving customers, partners, suppliers and employees has increased, in addition to a hunger for 24/7 access to apps and an increased adoption of mobile devices globally.

Taking Apption

So what are companies going to do? The survey shows that 81% of organizations are currently attempting to modernize their data centers. Sixteen percent will do so within two years. A modernized data center has benefits that are additional to app stability. For instance, lower operation costs and strengthened security are among the perks counted by interviewees. Businesses want high-speed recovery, data loss avoidance, and verified protection from these data centers. Therefore, count on tech companies to invest in server virtualization, storage upgrades, OS upgrades, data protection and disaster recovery and network virtualization (in that order of priority).

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