8 Social Media Advertising Tips to Boost Your ROI

No matter how annoying it becomes, you cannot get away from social media. Drew Hendricks writes for Forbes with eight quick tips for better advertising through these nether regions of the Internet.

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Twitter tweets that include images get oodles more retweets, so load up Twitter with images. Use things like Tweetup to meet face to face (online) with your biggest potential clients and investors. Use Google Authorship to amp up the online presence of your website through its authors. Whatever online presence you have, make sure all your profiles are interconnected and do not duplicate each other’s content. Be very careful about “native advertising” that is an ad disguised as organic content; people will turn on you if they feel duped. Another obvious tip that is worth a reminder is to avoid giveaways and discounts that you cannot afford. Maybe consider a little outsourcing if you just cannot get your ROI off the ground. If all else fails, just reach out and ask the customers what they would like to see. You can read the full article here:

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