8 Dos and Don’ts for More Effective Ad Campaigns

Without good advertising, who is going to know you exist? Julie Burmeister writes a sharp article for The Financial Brand with eight tips for smarter advertising.

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Firstly, do not get caught up imitating your competitors’ advertising strategies, because it will fail. Instead, focus on the precise value your products will provide, and then refine your understanding of your target audience to market directly to them. If your target demographic’s ages range wider than 10 years, you need to keep segmenting your audience to create ads that cater to each segment. Be wary of technological fads like QR codes, which, while practical at times, are not actually scanned very often. Be wary of a bad website too; no matter how great your advertising, people will be turned off if your website does not have a fresh, cohesive look and a logical layout. The same consistency should apply to your advertising strategy year after year, especially if you understand what your brand represents. Have the courage to stand out, and make sure all your good intentions are monitored by clearly defined goals and expectations. You can read the full article here:

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