5 Things Recruiters Think You Should Know about Interviewing

If you really want to know how to slam dunk an interview, you should probably ask the people who conduct interviews for a living. Michael Poh collects this information in an article and condenses it into five core tips.

Recruit This Wisdom

Aim to impress everybody, especially the receptionist, who will witness your pre-interview behavior and will sometimes report back to the interviewer about it. First impressions are critical, so you need to project yourself as a great job candidate within the first five minutes of the actual interview. Non-verbal communication is almost as important as the words that come out of your mouth, so be conveying focus, positivity, and energy with your eye contact, facial expressions, hand movements, and posture. You also want to keep your resume concise so that you can elaborate on demand at the actual interview with the details of your grand success. And at the end of an interview, refrain from asking easy yes-no questions, and only ask questions for which you would not be able to find the answers yourself on the Internet.

You can read Poh’s full article here:

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