4 Mistakes Made When Answering “Why are You Interested in This Position?”

It is the most basic question asked at interviews, even though the most honest answer early in our careers is usually, “Because money is great but I don’t have any.” Lily Zhang writes for The Muse about four mistakes made in answering the question, “Why are you interested in this position?”

I’m Just Here for the Free Beverages

If you go on and on about your passion for skills related to the job, but you never actually address the company itself, that is a problem. It does not indicate why you are a good fit for the job. Another big problem is when you only talk about what the job will offer you. Employers are eager to hear what benefits you think you will provide the company. A third mistake is when you start getting into details that are not strictly relevant, such as maybe how convenient a commute the job would be. Lastly, do not answer the question by explaining how desperate you are to leave your current position. Think positive, and look forward. Do not act like this interview is your only flight off Apollo 13. You can read Zhang’s full article here:

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