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10 Ways to Build a Harmonized Project Culture

There are patterns that go with project managers and project teams who succeed. In his PM South blog, Harry Hall locates 10 of the most positive traits he’s noticed in his 15+ year career managing projects. Across all organizational cultures, here are some of the soft skills it takes to succeed in the world of project management.

Ten Triumphal Traits

  1. Integrity
  2. Respect and Value
  3. Compliments
  4. Attitude
  5. Tools for Success
  6. Plan Together
  7. Celebrate Milestones
  8. Personal Development
  9. Tell Stories
  10. Be Thankful

Integrity is a word that sounds good when spoken and looks good on paper, not to mention its positive effects on an IT project. Also known as honesty, it’s a trait that goes hand in hand with team loyalty. A leader can have no shortage of that.

In the modern work world, you don’t always get a sense of direct satisfaction from your efforts. Being an abstract cause, the completion of a project requires a lot of motivation and a lot of respect communicated vis-à-vis the PM. One type of complement comes in the form of assigning each member according to their preferred skills set so they can really show their stripes. Thank them for a job well done. Even better, find ways to help them develop their talents (this has ancillary benefits for productivity, of course). Overarching all of these traits is a positive attitude, a force that can upend all manner of obstacle.

Of course, material needs are a concern too. Giving team members the right technical tools is a great way to heighten morale and, consequently, improve productivity. And here’s an insight worth remembering in your career and personal life alike: plan WITH the team, not in spite of them. Any group that plans together succeeds together! Speaking of togetherness, no project team who suffers through the toils and challenges of a successful project should rob themselves of the chance to revel together. Bake cookies, go out for lunch, whatever. This catharsis is worth its weight in gold – toward building momentum and morale for the next project.

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