This Is How You Take the Perfect Nap, According to Sleep Scientists

Like Theresa Fisher writes in an article for Mic, napping is “part-science and part-skill.” Smart napping can lead to sharper memory, decreased odds of heart disease, and better creative thinking. Here is how to take the best nap.

Sleeping for Better Work

Scientists say that the perfect nap should be 20 minutes or 90 minutes, and nothing else. Drink coffee immediately before napping, so that the caffeine will take effect right around the time you wake up. Get as comfy as possible; lying down is preferable. Pick a place to sleep that maintains a consistent level of noise, and pick a time in the afternoon before 4:00 PM to do it. It is easier to sleep in cool rooms, and aromatherapy of all things can help as well. And finally, if you find you cannot fall asleep so quickly in those 20 minutes you allot—do not worry, just the act of closing your eyes will help generate some energy. You can read Fisher’s full article here:

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