The Key to Successful Commerce Businesses is Supply Chain

In the 90s, as far as tech stock went, Dell was king. Amazon is experiencing similar loftiness now. What Dell once had in common with Amazon currently is a masterfully crafted supply chain. Ajay Agarwal writes for TechCrunch about how significant supply chain is in business success.

Great Chain, Great Business

Just being able to ship goods out the door efficiently is an enormous indicator of long-term viability. Order fulfillment is a major criterion among consumers contemplating an online purchase, and with robots powered by Kiva Systems, Amazon can ship goods to households within 48 hours at a low cost to themselves and the consumer. The company Wayfair is making similar headway through innovation:

The founders of Wayfair recognized a massive opportunity to sell “long tail” goods that a normal retailer (even Amazon) couldn’t keep in stock because the demand for any given SKU was small and the cost to keep that inventory was high.

For insights into how you might help the business take the best advantage of supply chain, read the full article here: http://techcrunch.com/2014/12/24/the-key-to-successful-commerce-businesses-is-supply-chain/

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