The 10 Steps in the Journey to Supply Chain Excellence

It is really a minor miracle that supply chains throughout the world work as efficiently as they do. But there is room to improve even now. Ed Rusch writes for Supply & Demand Chain Executive with ten steps to realizing real excellence with your supply chain.

A Hop and a Skip Away

Go for unprecedented visibility, which means identifying the areas where visibility is crucial within your business and aligning the processes that make such visibility possible. Synchronize data across the business network to develop the best understanding of the business possible. Try to create a business ecosystem that removes complexity and friction at least within the realm where your supply chain operates. Likewise, differentiate your customer service to keep competitive. Be willing to compromise versus over-reaching toward an ideal when it comes to trying to solve problems of complexity.

Eliminate waste and unnecessary costs, adopt an outside-in skillset, and make the biggest contributions to sustainability possible. Then just remember to impact people’s lives and try to laugh a little along the way. You can read the full article here: http://www.sdcexec.com/article/12037209/these-10-key-initiatives-will-drive-value-from-supply-chain-networks-in-2015-and-beyond

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