National Retail Federation Screams Digital Supply Chain for Retailers

As Kevin O’Marrah says for Forbes, Christmas 2014 was the “end of the beginning for e-commerce.” This is because Christmas supply chain shipping went off largely without a hitch, compared to Christmas 2013’s perfect storm of supply chain problems. And now that the Consumer Electronics Show and the National Retail Federation’s NYC show have passed, O’Marrah is noticing a trend toward humanization of data. In a nut shell, digital shopping is the future, even for brick and mortar stores. Data suggests that retailers believe “consumer demand is equal parts shopping experience and product performance,” and so consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers should start building their own personalized customer experiences. O’Marrah truly believes Jetsons¬≠¬≠-esque scenarios are on the way, and now is the time to start thinking big and crazy about supply chain scenarios that were once too futuristic to enact. You can read his full article here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/kevinomarah/2015/01/12/nrf-screams-digital-supply-chain-for-retailers/

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