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ITSM: The Next Generation

If you want the next generation of ITSM, I guess you can wait 20 years for someone to give it an update and make a Captain Picard version of it. But who wants to wait that long? If you want a real solution, says Dirk Anderson in an article for The ITSM Review, there are a few practical steps to help sort out the best IT tools for keeping abreast with continual change.

Count Your Customers

The customer forum is the window into everything relevant to ITSM. Without an eye on the customer, changing business needs cannot be tracked. Using forums, or alternatively customer satisfaction surveys, one can monitor requirements not limited to data security, internet access, or mobile and networking technologies.

Automate the Key Contribution

Of the range of services offered by IT, some in particular will stand out. When viewing help desk tickets, Anderson notes that certain services are in such high demand that their servicing warrants automation. By putting the frequent requests on autopilot (letting the business self-serve), the IT outfit is then free to more effectively service less common needs.

Change the Portfolio’s Constitution

Service automation brings us to an additional consideration. Namely, does your IT outfit have an appropriate toolkit that evolves to meet the changing needs of business customers? Anderson places a strong emphasis on providing cloud service as part of an overall ITSM strategy. This capability enables the automation of common requests.

Ensure that Everything is Alright

Lastly, the change aspect of ITSM is only possible with a strong review cycle in place. Continually update your list of services to reflect actual capabilities, develop ways to measure consumption by soliciting help from business leaders, and stay anchored to a sound governance function to keep budgets and offerings proportional to the organization.

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