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How to Rock the Foundation of Your Project

It’s probably safe to say that we aren’t always aware of our destructive behaviors. Most of us see ourselves as constructive, creative, or altruistic. So in order to weed out those habitual blind spots, Karen Munro walks us through some poor choices that are bound to rock the foundations of the company project. Perhaps you’ll even recognize one of these habits as your own.

A Devil’s Proposal

  1. Neglect the Business Case
  2. Choose the Wrong PCB Members
  3. Neglect the Project Plan
  4. Ignore the Business
  5. Underestimate Resource Requirements
  6. Solicit Business Requirements Improperly

You might get by without a business plan. Simply delivering what the business needs, as requested, during each stage of the project could be a more agile way to get things done.  And here’s another bright idea: stock your project control board (PCB) with friends and close associates who have little stake in the project. That way, you’ll avoid the kind of scrutiny and red tape that often slow projects to a halt.

Even better: don’t create a project plan. A project plan, like a business case, will just delay the initiation of the project. You know what you want. Tell the team members what to do and get cracking! Also, don’t worry about keeping the business up to speed on new project developments. The most that business people will do is question your motives and gum up the works.

And here’s the thing with resource requirements: they’re unnecessary. You have ten fingers to make the calculations, the business as usual people will take care of any misguided estimates, and the company will use their extra funds (come on, you know they’re loaded) to pick up the financial slack. Finally, don’t bother getting detailed requirements from the business. Just get the gist of what they want and let your creative juices flow.

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