How Much Can Human Behavior Affect Supply Chain Sustainability?

As David Dornfeld writes for Environmental Leader, supply chains tend to be made up of people, places, and things, but to describe them in such a way suggests that supply chains are very rigid, structured things. In actuality, however, individual people make it so that supply chains are very turbulent things, especially as they pertain to sustainability. Dornfeld sees this in a positive light. He cites the statistic that there are an estimated 21 to 36 million people still in slavery today, and if people were made aware of who was making use of this slave labor, they would stop purchasing or sourcing from these organizations and force them to change by way of lost revenue. Data transparency can help support this process. For the full discussion, you can read Dornfeld’s article here: http://www.environmentalleader.com/2015/01/06/how-much-can-human-behavior-affect-supply-chain-sustainability/

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