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How IT can Lead the Enterprise Service Management Family

IT cannot afford to act like a spoiled only child. The truth is that, in the departmental business world, there are many siblings who are all internal to the parent company–facilities, legal, HR, marketing, the list goes on. In an article for the ITSM Review, Samanage COO Darroll Buytenhuys advocates better communication between all the brothers and sisters of the enterprise.

Departmental Ignorance, not Bliss

Even when siblings get along well, they often fail to communicate with one another. That’s what Buytenhuys points to as the number one issue plaguing enterprise service management. The first part of this issue is due to the fact that departments don’t know how to ask each other for help. The second part involves interdepartmental interactions that fall flat due to a lack of clear performance metrics and standards.

A Half Dozen Noisy Kids

It’s important to keep in mind that the customer (employee) of IT is also the customer of finance, the customer of HR, the customer…etc. When each department interacts with employees separately and through separate web portals, the end result might resemble eight noisy kids crowding around a single parent all shouting requests and delivering information intermittently. Buytenhuys recommends integrating all enterprise services under a single, centralized portal. This is an area where IT can make a truly unique contribution.

IT Can Integrate the Family

Your company’s IT department could make an easy win out of delivering a streamlined service management system that communicates and operates in a more efficient manner. Unfortunately, most IT operations are stuck with legacy service desk technologies that inhibit their ability to deliver more efficient enterprise service outcomes, though ultimately, this should not be a fixed deterrent:

The recent entry…of fleet-footed, agile SaaS companies, delivering service management solutions that are implemented in days, if not hours, by non-IT people, is allowing IT to become true champions of the service management cause.  This frees IT up to support these departments by sharing service best practices.

Read the entire article at: http://www.theitsmreview.com/2015/01/enabling-value-outside-it/

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