Bending Time to Enable Smarter Supply Chain Decisions

A hundred years ago, it could take weeks or months for a commodity good to reach its destination, and many complicated systems would be involved in its journey. Today, you can get anything you need in a matter of days or sooner, and technology has done away with much of the complications. You could say that we have learned how to compress time. Martin Barkman supports this idea in an article for Forbes.

Supply Chain Time Traveler

Supply chains need to leverage technology to create faster, more personalized options for individual businesses, in both products and services. A study from The Economist shows that businesses who invest in technology solutions now will fare better than those who adopt a “wait and see” approach. You can also travel into the past to illuminate the present via big data and the availability of old information as a means of predictive analytics. For more time traveling, you can read the full article here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/sap/2015/01/16/bending-time-to-enable-smarter-supply-chain-decisions/

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