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A Memo for What IT Managers Need in 2015

Most businesses have a limited means by which to put their New Year’s resolutions to work – that ¼ of the budget that is earmarked for strategic review. But Epson Europe B.V. Hiromi Taba has a well-informed suggestion for project managers looking to allocate funds this year. In an article for Top-Consultant, Taba says that employee efficiency is crying out for improvement across all business and industries, and that technology plays a central role.

4 Key Employee Needs

  1. Get them Networked
  2. More BYOD
  3. A Need for (Internet) Speed
  4. Leaning on IT

1. Expanding the range of connected mobile devices is a key priority for many enterprises, according to Cisco Systems research, which looked at expanding the role of mobility in the workplace. They go on to say that between 42 and 47 percent of firms are expanding the breadth or depth of connected device support for employees, supporting new ways in which colleagues are able to interact with each other.

2. Not all technologies desired by employees must come from within the company. Substantial evidence from collected data suggests that BYOD is not only a trend of burgeoning popularity, but that personal devices can and do increase productivity in the workplace and beyond. Therefore, employers would be wise to relax some restrictions on these devices now, as it seems inevitable that they will play a growing role in the future of work.

3. Additionally, there is a need for speed. In Europe, where download speeds are notoriously slow compared speeds advertised by providers, workers are thirsting for the ability to get the job done on time.

4. Lastly, workers want expert IT teams to back up their technology decisions and to keep them abreast of the latest trends. An encouraging statistic shows that at least 46% of IT operations fulfill this role for their enterprise, but still, 76% of those surveyed listed a lack of appropriate IT support as their number one concern for 2015. Well, IT pros, it looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you.

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